How Festive Is Your Workplace? A Christmas Quiz

Are you a scrooge, or the life and soul of the office party? Take our fun (and rather silly) festive quiz to find out!

1. Your staff are full of holiday cheer and ready to party. What are you planning for the Christmas do?

A. A huge celebration! Champagne for everyone on a private yacht we’ve hired for the evening!
B. Something fun but not too extravagant. We’re keeping it to under £150 per head so that it’s eligible for a tax exemption.
C. We’ll have mince pies and pull crackers in the break room on Friday at lunchtime – but then it’s straight back to work!
D. Christmas do? Christmas don’t, more like!

2. Time to get the decorations out – how festive is your office looking?

A. Our decorations are so extravagant we pay a local celebrity to come and switch our lights on!
B. We’ve got a tree, tinsel round the door and fairy lights in the windows. Glass of eggnog, anyone?
C. Someone put tinsel around the microwave, and Karen in accounts has Christmas cards all over her desk.
D. Keep Christmas out of the office, thanks!

3. It’s the end of a busy and successful year. How are you rewarding your staff?

A. Huge bonuses all round and a fortnight off work!
B. Sensible bonuses relative to profits and performance and a nice card for all staff with a gift voucher.
C. We bought a card for everyone in the office.
D. Hard work is its own reward!

4. Bob in Marketing has asked for the day off to do some Christmas shopping. What’s your response?

A. It’s Christmas – everyone needs to shop! Let’s all take the day off!
B. We let everyone have an extra ‘free’ day during December, but the day has to be nominated in advance so that we can stagger time off.
C. No problem – but it’ll be unpaid leave.
D. Not a chance! I need all hands on deck during this busy time!

5. There are carol singers in the building’s foyer performing a little concert for charity. What do you do?

A. Write a huge cheque for the charity and call in a photographer to capture your grand gesture for the local news!
B. Give everyone half an hour to grab a hot drink and attend the concert. Why not? There’s nothing like a festive choir!
C. Chuck a pound in the tin on your way out.
D. Panic! Lock the doors and switch the lights out, and stay quiet until they’ve gone!

How did you do?

MOSTLY As: You’re great fun, but keep an eye on your budget! It’s nice to have a bit of a seasonal splurge, but your accountant might not be as enthusiastic as you are…
MOSTLY Bs: You’ve got the perfect balance – you keep it sensible, but you still make sure your staff are rewarded and everyone has a bit of fun. Well done!
MOSTLY Cs: We like your frugal style – there’s no need to spend all your profits on holiday parties – on the other hand, you could probably afford to let your hair down a little more, especially if you’ve had a good year. A bit of cheer at the end of the year is great for morale and your staff will come back in the New Year feeling positive and motivated.
MOSTLY Ds: Bah humbug! You’re not big on celebrations – that’s fine! Just make sure your staff don’t feel overlooked at a time of year that’s traditionally about rewarding the efforts of the previous twelve months.

A happy festive season from all of us at Just Cash Flow! We look forward to helping your business grow and thrive in the New Year.