Knock them off the fence – turning visitors into customers

There’s a tendency in business to never want to give anything away for free. But could a trial period or free sample actually be the best tactic for gaining new clients? Here’s what John Davies has to say:

Transcript: Did you realise that psychologically when people approach you, either from your website or come and visit your business, they have actually made most of the decision to do business with you? Your job is now to convert that into an actual new customer. The easiest way to do that? Get them to test drive your product or service so they get to experience it for themselves. Do that and it makes buying so much easier.

If a potential customer is on the fence (or considering multiple different suppliers) and gets the chance to try out your product or service in advance, you massively increase your chances of a sale. If what you have to offer is of value to them, they’ll want more of it. Make them feel good about your company before they even officially become a customer, and they’ll recommend you to others, too.

Of course this isn’t possible for all businesses – for example, we can’t offer a free sample of money! If your business model doesn’t allow for free samples of your actual product or service, think about what else you can give away that your prospects will find valuable. What about your expertise? Can you offer a free report, guide or template that would help them? Can you let them take a peek at your customer facing website or app dashboard and see how it would work if they were a customer?

What have you given away to tempt prospective customers? Let us know!