Meet The Team – Wayne Martin, broker relations manager

Managing broker relations is all about good communications

We provide fast, flexible funding solutions from £10,000 to £500,000 to help ambitious businesses grow. We know that every business is different and we are able to offer you tailored financial solutions to meet the requirements of your clients.

Brokers can easily learn more about how these facilities benefit their customers – this is where Wayne Martin comes in.

When Wayne, in his role as broker relations manager, answers the phone, he has two thoughts in mind.

First, how quickly he can provide time-starved brokers and their customers with the answers they need. This is closely followed by how he can provide absolute clarity about what needs to be done to get the deal across the finish line.

Wayne is well-qualified to provide this service, having worked as a broker. He knows our products inside out and can spot a qualifying business a mile away.

“I totally understand that brokers don’t want to go through the hassle of filling in an application and then wait to be told that their customer doesn’t qualify – this is a waste of everybody’s time,” explained Wayne.

“That’s why my approach is a short, initial conversation with the broker, with me asking the key questions that can quickly identify if I believe a deal can be done. I can then say what I believe the best option will be, and give an indication of cost to the customer and commission that will be paid.

“From experience this saves everyone valuable time and allows us to move swiftly through the application process by identifying what information and paperwork is going to be needed.

“It’s all about good communications and key to this is outlining what needs to happen to get a particular deal over the line and a clear understanding of why and how urgently the broker’s customer needs financing.”

Wayne has built up experience in a wide range of financial services and prides himself on his ability to help customers cut through any jargon. He has been with Just Cashflow since the word ‘go’ and previously developed his knowledge, skills and customer focus during his time with Egg Finance, Purple Loans and G.E. Money. He regularly receives positive feedback for his helpful, straight-talking and customer-focused attitude.

“That initial conversation with the broker is extremely important, but … good communication doesn’t stop there. Inevitably issues may crop up as the application progresses and I believe it is essential to keep the broker fully updated on how a case is progressing,” adds Wayne.

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