You Need To Be Dispensable

When you’re running a business, it’s common to experience a dichotomy between running the business you’ve already got and growing it into something more. It’s hard to do both at once when too much responsibility for both things sits on the shoulders of one person – you, the business owner. There’s a tendency to keep doing a bit of everything within your business – after all, you started it! Who knows it better than you? However, this mentality makes it really tough to grow. Here’s what John Davies had to say about it:

Transcript: If you want to grow your business quickly, you must, must learn the mastery of template and systemisation. Make sure every part of your business is broken down to a section and make sure there is a clear template for that section and then measure that every day going forward. Then watch your business really take off!

As Barnaby Wynter pointed out in his recent article, Are You Working On The Wrong Business?, it’s very hard to grow your business if you’re busy doing everything. You need to take the “the McDonalds approach” – have a system and a process that can be followed, and that doesn’t rely on your presence in order to work.

With a solid system in place, you can rely on your staff to run everything smoothly while you work on growing the business. Equally, when hiring new staff, having a system they can follow means they can be more effective more quickly. Even you – who, of course, already knows your processes inside out – can benefit from having them clearly documented. Maybe you can even take a holiday occasionally!

Even if you’re not planning to grow your business in the short term, you will want to eventually, so plan ahead! Don’t make the mistake of making yourself indispensable. That way madness lies (and very long hours).