Improving Your Business and Customer Feedback

In business it is important to strive to improve and as a result your business will grow. The best way to start is by focusing on your existing customers. What and why do they buy from you? What do they value most about your business? What do they feel you could improve?

Improvements may be in products, systems or service. At each juncture of the improvement process, other areas and aspects of your business which you thought were perfect, may come to light as having room for improvement.

Since June 2016 we have asked each and every new Just Cashflow customer to take part in our survey. We survey customers on:

  • Product Information
  • Cost Transparency
  • Team Knowledge
  • Speed of Service
  • Overall Satisfaction

It is important to us that we understand what we are doing well but even more importantly, when it hasn’t gone as well, that we have an opportunity to put things right!

Our short survey asks customers to rate us on how well we explained our product, the costs, the knowledge of the team, the speed of our service and their likelihood to recommend us.
We look at each and every survey completed and take note of all customer comments, making improvements to our processes wherever we can.

Going forward the survey will continue to be a great way of checking if we are exceeding our customer’s expectations and learning how we can improve our service even further.

Results show that 99% of customers surveyed said they would recommend us to a friend. We also find the customer comments also help in us understanding what customers value most.

Recent comments include:

“Very good informative and genuine service from top to admin – its early days on the facility but we believe that we have found a flexible, sensible provider who has simplified, understood and took interest – in short just like a Bank of thirty years ago!”


“I was very skeptical when I was first contacted by Just Cashflow. It sounded too good to be true – I checked everything for a catch but found none. The application process was very simple and this is just the type of facility a business like ours needs.”


“The process was very easy and staff were very patient and understanding when waiting for documents.”


“I have received many calls from other financial companies about their service and funds supports. But Just Cashflow team explains what they can provide due to our requirements without hassles. On the other hand, procedures are quite simple and easy to understand. There is no complicated stages and manageable”


This process of customer feedback will provide the information you need to identify ways to improve how and what you offer your existing, potential and future customers.

Aim to ensure that the changes you make will increase your sales and profitability enough to make the time and money you’ll need to invest worthwhile. This process is important for startups and established businesses to make sure you are ahead of the competition.

Read the Just Cashflow Customer Survey Results here.