Supercharge Your Negotiation Skills

Have you ever walked into a meeting and come out without the result you were hoping for? What went wrong? It may simply be that the other party was a better negotiator than you. So what can you do about it? Here are two simple tips to immediately improve your negotiation skills:

Two important points to remember when negotiating: number 1, never ever say no, and number 2, always say the words “it depends”. See what difference that makes to your negotiating.

The word “no” immediately shuts down a negotiation. There’s no wiggle room with a “no”. Do you really mean “no”, or would “possibly, with different conditions” be more accurate? This is where your new best friend comes in: the phrase “it depends”. If someone is asking for something that you don’t want to provide, what would make it more attractive to you – more time? More money? A different team?

With a negotiation, your goal is to reach a compromise that’s favourable to both parties. Go into your meeting with the attitude that nothing is off the table as long as the other party can be flexible with some of the variables, and you’ll find your negotiating skills are suddenly vastly improved, and you’ll win more business.

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