Limited marketing budget? No Problem! 6 FREE social media tools to maximise your efforts

There are hundreds of social media tools out there –  you could spend your entire budget on them. However, there are also a lot of powerful free and freemium tools available. Following on from our recent article about marketing on a budget, here are 6 useful free tools to skyrocket your marketing and save you money at the same time!

Hootsuite is an all in one social media management tool with a clear and easy to use interface. It allows you to manage various social media tasks, such as:

  • Scheduling of messages
  • Posting messages to multiple accounts
  • Create and view multiple feeds at a glance
  • Integrate apps
  • Reporting and monitoring

The free version allows one user to track up to 3 social accounts, making it a great tool for small businesses. The paid plans are still pretty cheap, allowing you to work with a team without breaking the bank.

Buffer is another great tool with a free version that allows you to connect up to 3 accounts. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with another tool such as Hootsuite, and where it really shines is in its scheduling capabilities and a feature that helps you to discover and share content with a single click.

Manage Flitter connects with your Twitter account and allows you to manage your followers more effectively. It’s a great tool for helping you find relevant accounts to follow and track your followers’ activity. You can:

  • Sort your followers/following lists by a range of criteria
  • Identify and unfollow fake, spam and inactive accounts
  • Find new people to follow
  • See who has unfollowed you
  • Schedule posts at the times they’re most likely to be seen

Thread Reader makes it much easier to read tweetstorms (Twitter threads comprising multiple tweets). All you need to do is paste a link to the first tweet in the thread and click ‘unroll’. You can then read the tweetstorm as an easy-to-read article without having to keep clicking.

Want to create your own tweetstorm? Writerack lets you type a post of any length (up to 100 tweets, which would be 28000 characters), then breaks it down into correctly formatted tweets with an option to number them.

If you want to create custom graphics to include in your tweets, Canva’s easy to use interface offers thousands of beautiful layouts that you can customise by simply dragging and dropping. You can add your logo and custom text, too. As well as social media graphics, Canva has templates for all sorts of other uses such as logos, flyers, profile graphics, corporate literature and more.

Bonus resource: if you’re looking for beautiful free stock images to use on social media or your website or presentations, try Unsplash, which has new photos uploaded daily by the photographers themselves.